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Compound Ground Nitro-V Backpacker

Image of Compound Ground Nitro-V Backpacker
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The Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Diving, Survival, Backcountry, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Every Day Carry Knife and more!

~6" Long
~2.5" Blade
~.111" Thick

Chisel Grind - with double microbevels for easy sharpening

Nitro-V is a lot like AEB-L steel with added Nitrogen and Vanadium. It is extremely tough, holds an outstanding edge, is super easy to sharpen and incredibly rust resistant.

Raptor Holstex Sheath is Included! These are the best Backpacker sheaths yet with a very minimalist footprint and built in belt loops. Compatible in any position with about any carry system.

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