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Backpacker - V Grind!

Image of Backpacker - V Grind!

The Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Diving, Survival, Back Country, Mountain Climbing, Every Day Carry Knife and more!

6" Long
2.5" Blade
1/8" thick

Nitro-V Steel at 60-61 RC
Full Flat V Grind
Stonewashed Finish

🔥I farmed out the bevel grinding on these and they turned out outstanding! These have a symmetrical tall V grind with a very thin edge for serious performance. These are outstanding in the field but equally well footed in the kitchen!

Nitro-V is my personal favorite steel for overall use. It is a lot like AEB-L steel with added Nitrogen and Vanadium. It is extremely tough, holds an outstanding edge, is super easy to sharpen and incredibly rust resistant. Nitro-V gets scary sharp with ease and stays that way.

The handle on these is designed to be cord wrapped and open bottles. I'm also working on optional removable scales.

Holstex Sheath is Included! This is the most premium thermoforming material and truly outstanding. The retention, forming and abrasion resistance is all much better than Kydex. These are the best Backpacker sheaths yet with a very minimalist footprint and built in belt loops. Compatible in any position with about any carry system.

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