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"Super Slim" Original DFK Keychain Tool

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Do you ever need to tighten a screw or pop a bottle, maybe loosen a tight wingnut or open a box... but you don't want a heavy bulky keychain, like to wallet carry or the likes? You might need the world's lightest functional Titanium Keychain Tool!

My original bottle poppin' design in ultrathin 6al4v Titanium! These only weigh 2 grams and you quite seriously won't notice that you are carrying one! Yes you can set a bend in it if you try to but it will pop bottles all day long no problem. Made from mega tough and ultra thin 6al4vTitanium. Great wearing Stonewashed finish.

Original DFK Keychain Tools... Ultralight 8 bit Version! Prybar, Screwdriver, Scraper, Shackle and Wingnut Opener. This version of my classic design is as thin as I can make them... slips in a wallet and probably lighter than your key ring.