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Titanium Backpacker

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The Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Diving, Survival, Back Country, Mountain Climbing, Every Day Carry Knife and more...

It weighs almost nothing and will never rust.

~6" Long
~2.5" Blade
~.071" Thick - doesn't flex like the older model

Improved taller blade that is easier to sharpen!

Chisel Grind - with same side microbevel for high performance.

Titanium construction with carbide edge.

Stonewashed Finish

Wave Carbide Pattern

Chamfered edges and rounded spine for comfort.

6al4v Titanium with 72 RC Tungsten Carbide Edge - excels with abrasive materials such as cardboard, very aggressive with meat, seatbelt material, vegetables, cloth, cord, softer materials, rope, raw bone, paper, etc...

These are easy to sharpen with most any setup, just raise a burr by sharpening the microbeveled side only (reverse of the carbide) then strop or hone the burr off The carbide will not wear off, flake, chip, etc and is an integral part of the knife.

They come with a custom Kydex sheath. ~1.5" hole spacing works great with many carry systems including large tekloks

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